Cost of mezzanine floors per square meter in Sydney varies depending on many factors. There are two types of mezzanine structures: freestanding (independent) and mounted. The first is a series of supporting columns connected by beams on which the flooring is laid. This type of mezzanine is designed individually for a warehouse, based on the size of the room, the specifics of the cargo being processed, the maximum permissible loads on the floors, the height of the floor, the number of floors, etc. The second, simpler and cheaper option, is made on the basis of pallet racking, equipped with additional shelves.

Prices for mezzanine floors in Sydney depend on the space-planning solution, the load on m2 of flooring, the distance between the supporting columns or racks and etc.

If possible, the customer should have a clear idea of ​​what, where and how they intend to place and what to store on the mezzanine. Understanding these factors will allow, on the one hand, to eliminate the overestimation of the safety margin using excessively massive and expensive materials, and on the other hand, to ensure reliable, durable and most importantly – safe operation of the mezzanine supporting frame.

With an increase in the height of the mezzanine, with a constant load and spacing of columns (spans), the requirements for ensuring the strength and stability of the columns increase, which, in general, increases the cost of manufacture and installation of the mezzanine.

Since the beams make up most of the parts of the supporting frame, reducing the requirements imposed on the stiffness of the beams can significantly reduce the cost of the mezzanine design.

It is worth noting that ensuring the absolute absence of vibrations of a free-standing, non-monolithic mezzanine is difficult to achieve. The main thing here, as always, is the understanding of the necessary sufficiency and a balanced approach.

With an increase in the height of the mezzanine platform, the dimensions, metal consumption and, accordingly, the cost of the stairs increase. With a mezzanine floor height of more than 3 m, a transition must be provided in the design of the stairs (staircase). The cost of stairs depends on the material of the steps.

When planning the installation of mezzanine structures in newly designed premises, consideration should be given to the design location of offices, lifting devices, doors, gates, external fire escapes, pits and other engineering communications.

The cost of your Mezzanine floor in Sydney will also depend on the type of flooring used:

  • profiled steel sheet (profiled) + plywood (OSB) + fire protection;
  • profiled steel sheet (corrugated) + gypsum-fibre sheet (GVL) usually in two layers;

On average, you can expect a price range of $140 – $200 per square meter of Mezzanine floors in Sydney. As we mentioned before, there are certain driving factors for the cost and as a customer, it is mostly your needs and requirement that will determine the cost.